Question: What happens when a company's mission is to combine the expertise of the best pilots in the industry, negotiate the most competitive market rates and provide exemplary client service to create an exceedingly positive flying experience?

Answer: SevJet is born.


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Private Aircraft Services

SevJet provides private air charter services that are available for travel to major worldwide destinations. Our clients travel with us for both business and leisure and enjoy a flight experience that is the epitome of refinement. Whether you are in need of private aviation services for one time use or you will need a regular schedule of service, we can accommodate you with ease and finesse. Our private aircraft services can accommodate single passengers and up to a maximum of twelve passengers. In addition, you can select from a variety of different types of jets for the ultimate in style and convenience.

Safety and Security with SevJet

When you fly with SevJet private air charters, you can rest assured knowing that we apply the safest regulatory practices to ensure the protection of each and every passenger who flies with us. We have partnered with ARG/US, one of the most renowned safety aviation agencies to guarantee the safety of each of our flights. Prior to takeoff, the pilotís credentials are thoroughly checked along with flight hours, incidences and safety records. This allows us to provide our clients with the safest flights available within the private aircraft charter industry.

Above all else, we want to ensure that your experience with SevJet engenders a feeling of trust, dependability, and quality service. When you select private plane charters, you expect the highest caliber and the best fleet of aircraft and we are pleased to fit this description. Contact us for an estimate and experience the finest mode of travel available through our exclusive private air charters.