Private Charter Jets

The SevJet name represents the highest standards in the industry of private charter jets. Our exclusive service seamlessly blends style, class, and affordability. Your experience aboard one of our private jets will be nothing less than the best as we offer you the most refined mode of travel customized to suit your needs. With a safety record that is unmatched, we ensure that complete and total safety of each passenger through our partnership with the renowned safety rating agency ARG/US. Each flight is assessed a level prior to takeoff and must either be classified with an ARG/US Gold, Gold Plus or Platinum rating. As one of the most trusted suppliers of private charter jets, we consistently maintain an unsurpassed standard of safety and service.

Business Jet Services

If you are travelling for business, you will appreciate the prompt and efficient service available when flying with our private business jets. Our exclusive service provides the finest mode of travel while you are away on business. You will appreciate the attention to detail, and excellence in service from all of the staff and pilots on the SevJet team. In addition to our affability and professionalism, we strive to make every aspect of your flight experience as seamless and aligned as possible. We recognize that you have high standards when flying aboard one of our private business jets and our aim is to surpass those expectations. Through complete attention to detail and a synchronized approach, we are able to provide both our personal and business travelers with a refined flight experience that is reflective of the highest caliber within the industry.