private jet card

10 - Hour SevJet Jet Card starting at $40,000


Flying more than ten hours a year? A SevJet Jet Card may be the optimum option for you!

SevJet created a premier program allowing frequent fliers wanting the best of everything to experience all the benefits and privileges any flier could ask for, in 25 hour blocks. There are never any membership fees, nor hidden costs involved – it's an all-inclusive package – there are no fuel charges, repositioning fees or landing fees.

SevJet Jet Card allows one access to SevJet concierge service – with SevJet concierge service, we can arrange your hotel, restaurant or limousine reservations, at no additional charge – and aircraft availability is always within 24 hours, at discounted pricing. With free upgrades, and SevJetAirmile credits, it's the ideal program for the consummate flier on the go.

SevJet Jet Card starts with you, and starts right now.

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