Question: What happens when a company's mission is to combine the expertise of the best pilots in the industry, negotiate the most competitive market rates and provide exemplary client service to create an exceedingly positive flying experience?

Answer: SevJet is born.


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Compare ranges by choosing a city and determine the appropriate private jet based upon distance and passenger load.


SevJet was founded on this simple concept - to accommodate our clients with what they have requested and expect - the delivery of exceptional service, and then to provide more than we promised.

We have teamed up with most respected operators, offering the finest aircraft fleet available, at a price that makes sense. Pilots employed with our partners are of the highest caliber, flying only the aircraft they have been trained to fly. Prior to each flight, we carefully inspect each pilot's credentials, including flight hours and safety record, ensuring every aircraft you embark upon is as safe as can be. Couple this strict attention to detail with our voluntary partnership with ARG/US - the most respected and renowned safety rating agency - and you can see why we spare no expense to strive to be the best of the best.

SevJet can meet all your private flight needs - whether you choose to fly on-demand or prefer the luxury of flying within a fixed program - we will tailor an itinerary, to meet your needs exactly. We will never tire in our effort to provide you - the client - the comfort, safety, and satisfaction you deserve.

We have taken our combined professional experience and created a principal aim of serving our clients to our maximum potential, always endeavoring to provide that extra advantage that defines value. SevJet delivers an unprecedented travel experience, rivaled by no other, with the ultimate in client service and satisfaction!

Simply put, you have never had a travel experience this refined. Let us show you the SevJet way of travel.